Why You Should Choose a Corporate Apartment in Downtown Kansas City

Corporate housing in Kansas City embraces everything that a working professional or temporary resident could ask for. It is filled with attractive neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. When it comes to choosing a perfect location, though, nothing compares to the ambiance of downtown. Downtown is unparalleled when it comes to entertainment, arts and culture, and authentic dining options. Here is a little taste of what the area has to offer from our Kansas City Corporate Housing experts:

Business is Booming Downtown

Kansas City is home to several high-performing businesses, according to a Forbes report that came out in early 2018. One of these top ranking businesses is Hallmark Cards, a staple in the manufacturing industry with a reported revenue of $4 billion annually.  However, downtown Kansas City is also full of growing small-to-mid size businesses that offer plenty of opportunity. This provides corporate travelers and visitors with a unique networking opportunity when they are looking to expand or invest.

An Investment for Younger Generations

Kansas City recently ranked on the “Top 10” list for Millennials, according to new data reported by LendingTree.com. This should say something about the promising opportunity that this city hub has to offer. As someone looking into temporary housing, you might think “how does this apply to me?” The answer is simple – sometimes we don’t even know what opportunities are out there until we get to experience them firsthand. Even if your temporary housing lease is limited, potential for the future is growing at a rapid rate. You might just decide to make Kansas City your permanent home after you stay in our affordable and comfortable corporate apartments.

Experience Unparalleled Arts and Culture

Kansas City has a compelling background that makes it an even more interesting location to consider during your corporate apartment search. Even though this business district is considered a commercial area, much of its history and charm has been preserved over the years. So, even though you’ll be living in a developed residential community, you will nearby historical sites that tell a different story.  There are also unique landmark buildings that pay tribute to America’s heritage, like art and history museums, bustling jazz clubs, and antique toy shops showcasing some of the best displays in the nation.

An Exciting Break from Your Standard Routine

Corporate housing in Kansas City gives you just a taste of all the amazing things that the region has to offer. It is a thriving community that offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities, including recreational activities, museums, historical sites, and retail outlets. Whether you’re traveling solo or with your family, your corporate housing in Kansas City can be positioned near popular tourist attractions and numerous shopping and dining options. Most of us get so wrapped up in our daily lives that we develop a mediocre routine, and it can be hard to break. We are confident that spending some time in downtown Kansas City will help open your eyes to new hobbies and opportunities.

At the Heart of the Action

Corporate apartments in Kansas City are right in the middle of all that is fun, unique, and interesting. Your doorstep will be a gateway to world-class entertainment and networking opportunities. Kansas City is becoming a destination location for a variety of people, including homebuyers, working professionals, and staycationers. Since everything is in such close proximity, you will have easy access to a ton of events happening nearby your corporate apartment.  Since you are centrally located, you will have the opportunity to visit and explore nearby neighborhoods with minimal travel. Not to mention, most apartments are a short walk from everyday convinces like grocery stores and retail outlets. This is a huge benefit for people who are visiting Kansas City for an extended period of time.

Kansas City Corporate Housing is an ideal choice for anyone who needs temporary housing but also wants a memorable experience. In just one district, there can be more than 50 different shopping and dining options at your disposal. Even if you are in the area for work, you should take advantage of all the bells and whistles that downtown has to offer. Maintaining a work-life balance is an important factor in every decision you make. Corporate housing in Kansas City can add value to both your personal and professional life, while providing you with a comfortable solution to meet your housing needs.

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