The Best Coffee Houses in Kansas City

Kansas City is a big coffee landmark in the Midwest, known to have a huge selection of coffee houses available, so even the most picky coffee drinker can find something they love. Many people are surprised by the fact that Kansas City has one of the biggest coffee scenes in the entire country; it is as broad and diverse as the people in the city. There are many coffee houses that roast their own beans and have Direct Trade agreements with coffee producers all over the world.

People usually miss the comforts of home when traveling for business, and for coffee drinkers, one thing they sorely miss is the coffee. Finding a good coffee shop that is on par with your home coffee shop can be difficult, so here are some of the best coffee shops available in Kansas City.

Quay Coffee

Quay Coffee (pronounced “key”) is a locally owned shop that is north of downtown in the River Market District. It offers a rotating selection of coffee that changes every few weeks. Its coffee beans come from all over the United States and Canada. Quay Coffee has a comfortable atmosphere, that they strive to make it feel like it is an extension of your living room.

PT’s at the Crossroads

PT’s at the Crossroads is located in the Crossroads Arts District. It focuses on making green coffee, and they travel straight to the source of their coffee to forge Direct Trade partnerships with their suppliers. The cafe was modeled with reclaimed wood that once carried 100 pallets of coffee to their roasting facility. They have a Slayer espresso machine and a good variety of coffee and espresso drinks. They also have a breakfast and a lunch menu.

Crows Coffee

Crows Coffee has three locations in Kansas City. They are more than just a coffee shop, they also offer beer, wine, tea, and food made in house. Crows is within walking distance of the University of Missouri Kansas City campus.

Oddly Correct

Oddly Correct is a quirky coffee shop run by “coffee zealots” on Main Street that offers a selection of roasted “mind-opening” coffee. They are small intentionally, so they can focus on making high-quality coffee. Oddly Correct does not offer cream or sweeteners in their shop, but they do make drinks with milk or oat milk upon request. They encourage their patrons to experience their drinks without dilutions or additions.

Messenger Coffee

Messenger Coffee is a three-story structure with the café on the first floor. The shop has an art museum feel to it, with a large floating staircase that takes visitors to the second story, where the roasting space is, along with a coffee lab. The third story is a roof deck with a breathtaking view of Midtown and Liberty Memorial. The company began as a single brand that spent its first four years developing relationships with coffee producers and bringing their coffee to other coffee shops; in 2017 they opened their first location with everything they had learned in that time.

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