5 Things to Look for When You Choose Corporate Housing

If you’re in between homes or traveling for an extended period of time, corporate housing is a great alternative to typical hotel rooms. Let’s be realistic: when is the last time you stayed in a hotel or extended stay facility that you fell in love with? They are great for a weekend escape or quick business trip, but do not offer the same level of luxury that a corporate rental in Kansas City can.

At Kansas City Corporate Housing, we feel like your temporary housing should feel like a home away from home. Here are some things you should look for when you choose corporate housing to get optimal comfort during your stay.

1. A Convenient Location

Are you traveling on business or pleasure? Do you want to be close to friends and family? One of the most important steps in the apartment selection process is choosing a location that is convenient. For many of our clients, having a spacious unit close to downtown where business is thriving is a number one priority. The location you choose will impact your overall budget, so be prepared to make a priority list when you begin the rental process.

There are many corporate housing providers out there, but not all of them can secure your dream rental in an equally fulfilling location. We cover a lot of ground in the Kansas City region and can help you find a central location that meets all of your personal and professional needs.

2. A Strong Support System

Once you have a location in mind, you should take time to get familiar with the surrounding area. It’s not uncommon for our clients to have little or no knowledge about the area they are moving to. It’s important to work with a corporate housing provider who can give you a “lay of the land,” preferably a native of the Kansas City region. All of our team members have years of experience under their belt and arrive at work ready to answer any questions you might have.

3. Furnished Units & Premium Amenities

Not all Kansas City Corporate Housing providers offer fully furnished units or custom amenities. In some cases, turnover is so quick that the units come standardized, just like a hotel room. This may get you a lower upfront cost, but you’ll find that expenses add up quickly over time.

If you want a temporary housing option that is hassle free, make sure you find a unit that comes fully furnished. All of our units come with the basic amenities you need on a day-to-day basis, making your move quick and easy. Additionally, we give our clients to upgrade the furniture and amenities in their unit to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.

4. A Flexible Provider

Temporary housing doesn’t come with the stability of renting or buying a forever home. If you’re looking for corporate housing in Kansas City, chances are you had something unexpected come up in your life. Perhaps your job required you to travel across the country, or your personal life caused you to get up and go without much preparation. Whatever the reason, make sure the corporate housing provider you choose offers flexible leasing options.

We offer our clients a 30, 60, or 90 day contract with the option to extend their lease or go month-to-month. If you don’t have all the details worked out, don’t fret – we will work with you to find a stress-free solution.

5. Full Transparency

Above all else, you want to look for a corporate housing provider that is transparent and trustworthy. Make sure you do thorough research on the amenities being offered, the leasing details, and the price structure. For example, we offer our clients one single monthly payment to cover everything from installation costs to your rent payment. That way, there are no surprises or hidden fees when you move into your temporary home.

Moving for any length of time can be a lot of work. Knowing what to look for in a corporate housing provider can greatly reduce the time and energy it takes to find an apartment that will meet your needs.  Our reputation precedes us in the Kansas City region because we take a client-centered approach to our corporate housing solutions. Don’t leave your livelihood in the hands of someone who doesn’t take the time to understand you. Roll up your sleeves, make your corporate housing wish list, and then give our seasoned professionals a call.

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